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Intelligent Cities Challenge

Intelligent Cities Challenge

The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is one of the European Commission’s largest initiatives supporting European cities in their green and digital twin transition. In the ICC second edition, the city of Porto maintains its leading role, joining a group of 10 mentor cities that will be responsible for guiding 64 cities – the core cities.

In this new two-year journey, Porto will assist partner cities in developing impactful strategies and innovative solutions through Local Green Deals (LGD), at the forefront of the green and digital transition.

The new edition will build on the success of the previous ICC edition (2020-22) and the Digital Cities Challenge (2018-20) and provide an extensive high-level network, a solid methodological framework and strong support mechanisms.

In the first phase of ICC (2020-2022), 1.9 billion euros were allocated to ICC actions and 247 million euros in public funding from EU, national and regional sources were mobilised, facilitating 336 actions planned by the 136 cities.

Porto Digital, the city’s toolbox for innovation and digital transition, and Porto’s Direction for Carbon Neutrality work together in this network, as Porto’s municipality initiatives, ensuring that th

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