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Starting in January 2023 and with a time horizon of 3 years, the BeOpen project aims to encourage the availability and use of open datasets, enhancing the development of a new generation of services and skills in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), originating in the European Union. BeOpen will open doors to a more anticipatory and intelligent decision making process by the cities involved and to a better response to societal challenges, such as pollution, air quality, climate change or even natural disasters like fires, floods or earthquakes.
Developed by a consortium of 18 partners, including public authorities, large companies, SMEs, research institutions and non-profit organizations from eight European countries, BeOpen will be implemented and evaluated in pilots that will run for 18 months in six different countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal (Porto).

The BeOpen project is perfectly aligned with the principles established by the Living-in.EU declaration, contributing to make cities and communities in the European Union smarter and more sustainable places, providing a higher quality of life, personal and professional, to its inhabitants.

Project Sheet
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