From 2006 to 2008, Porto Digital implemented an optical fiber network and a public access Wi-Fi network in the city of Porto, which have been increased and improved since then. In 2010, the associates of Porto Digital, led by the Municipality of Porto, launched the new strategic plan, which aims at fostering the development of the city of Porto into a knowledge based city, where innovation plays a key role.

The Municipality of Porto assigned to Porto Digital the responsibility of maintaining and expanding the telecommunications and IoT infrastructure of the city of Porto (in particular, the optical fiber and Wi-Fi networks, and city sensors), and developing a urban platform to consolidate data in the areas of mobility, environment, energy and civil protection. Besides, Porto Digital also cooperates with the Municipality of Porto on the development of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, on the community engagement, and on the internationalization and networking of the city of Porto.

Accordingly, Porto Digital is a key-actor on the design and implementation of smart and sustainable city strategies and policies, which contribute to a better quality of life of the inhabitants, workers, entrepreneurs, visitors and tourists of the city of Porto.