Sea of Innovation

The exhibition themed "Sea of Innovation - Explore the depths of the ocean" in Porto Innovation Hub.

At the introductory presentation of this exhibition, organized jointly with the University of Porto, Mayor Rui Moreira recalled the importance of this space, inaugurated December 2016. The Mayor of Porto evoked the inception of this innovation space in the city by saying that "four years ago, in the Manifesto we issued we talked about what was to be one of the challenges to the city, and we talked about the House of Innovation. The aim was to promote the debate on how has innovation transformed the city and how can it continue to transform the city."

The Rector of the University of Porto, Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, stated that when "I think of Porto I think of innovation." This exhibition celebrates the scope of the study of Marine Biology in Portugal from pioneer Augusto Nobre to the current entities linked to the University of Porto that have been exploring internationally recognized technologies and methods of marine research.